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 Scope of business

1.   Food  production

       Beverage production
  Instant food production: instant noodles, instant rice noodles, porridge
  Seasoning and sauces production (soy sauce, fish sauce, and other types of sauces)

2. Trading and Transportation

  Trading and export of rice, agricultural products and other types of food
  Motor trucking services

3. Real estate investment:

Investment in construction projects (residential buildings, offices for lease, and supermarkets)
Real estate trading and lease (workshops, warehouses, offices)

Hanoi Food Processing and Trading Joint Stock Company
Address: 67A - Truong Dinh Street - Hai Ba Trung District-  Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
Tel: 04 3 624 36 48 - Fax: 04. 3 864 10 89 - Email: - Website:

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